Pastor Ryan Guenther
Youth Pastor Jason Porter
For the cause of Christ

Standards & Guidlines


A. Judging

*A scoring sheet will be given to each counselor per special. The points will be tallied and added to the respective churches teams.

B. Your Teenagers

*Must know where your teens are at all times

C. A Counselor must be present at every activity (in every place where there are teens)

D. Be a Spiritual Example and ready to work with any teen with a need

E. Disciplinary Actions

F. Each church should bring a first aid kit

G. Make sure that each game has an adult to oversee and umpire if necessary

H. To take part in the Bible Relays

I. Cell-phone is advisable for emergencies

J. A two-way walkie-talkie is advisable

K. Bring some “camp standard” clothes for teens


II. COMPETITIONS:  (To sign up Monday Night-Tuesday Morning @ the latest)

A. Music

1. Categories for teens to sign up in:  (One entry per church in each category)

*Solo, Duet, Trio, Quartet, Ensemble, Choir

a. Instrumental:

*Any kind of instrument that doesn’t resemble a tool of Rock & Roll

2. Will be judged in certain areas such as:

a. Appearance

b. Difficulty

c. Entrance & Exit

3. No Back-up Music

4. Piano Player is available if needed, but must be approached by Tuesday Evening

5. Must be Spiritual

B. Young Preacher Category  

1. Preachers will be judged on the following:

a. Subject

b. Mannerisms

c. Outline

d. Voice

e. Scripture Usage

f. Eye Contact

g. Delivery

h. Appearance

2. Outlines need to be pre-approved by Pastor/Youth Pastor

C. Dramatic Readings

1. Scriptural Poems or Scripture read aloud with emphasis and gestures

a. Will be judged on clarity of speech, memorization, difficulty, and ability to convey the message

D. Bible Quizzes

1. Each Night and Finishing Thursday Night.

2.  Designated chapters (will be determined prior)  , beginning Monday Night.

3. Need 2 players from each church

4. -1 point for each answer wrong

5. After 3 points answered correctly, player must be replaced with another from the team

E. GAMES (if you want to prepare)

1. Volleyball, Basketball, Paintball, Softball, Archery, Ping-Pong. . .

a. Teams will consist of Guys, Ladies, and then Everyone

b. At the end of the week there will be Teens Vs. Counselors

 III. Dress Code (Ladies)


1. No tight fitting shirts (if it shows full figure, form/outline, it’s too tight)

2. No Tank Tops

3. Sleeveless shirts must not show anything through arm holes but arms

(we don’t need to see anything extra)

4. Must be long enough that when arms are held up, the stomach does not show / NO BELLY SHIRTS

5. V-neck tops must be NO LOWER than a hand width from neck base to bottom of “V” when worn alone

6. No logos promoting worldliness

7. No hip huggers

8. No words/writing on front of shirts or on the lower backside


1. Must come below the knee; even when sitting

2. Must be loose fitting and have room to walk in

3. No slits higher than the knee

4. No Capri’s

C. COULOTTES for activities

1. Or Baggy Shorts that brings the same result


1. Must wear a dress, skirt or jumper

2. During specials on stage, must dress appropriately

 (the more dressed up the better)


1. Must wear a one-piece, as respectable as possible, bathing suit

2. Must have a full covering to wear to and from swimming

IV. DRESS CODE (Gentlemen)


1. No Cut off shirts (sleeves or stomach)

2. V-neck tops must be no lower than a hand-width when worn alone

3. No logos promoting worldliness


1. No tight Pants

2. No baggie Pants (waist hanging/we don’t need to see which brand of underwear)


1. Must come past the knee


1. Absolutely none (earring, necklaces, etc.)


1. No skimpy things guys

2. T-Shirts Worn


1. Must have at least a collared shirt

2. Specials should be dressy

3. Preachers… suit is preferred, but at the very least a tie



A. There is absolutely no physical contact (PC) whatsoever. Period.

B. NO holding hands, kissing, hugging etc…

C. There must be appropriate space between opposite sexes

D. Inappropriate Language, music, conversations, etc. is unacceptable

E. No Back Talking

F. Respect must be given to every counselor

G. No Fighting


VII. DISCPLINARY ACTION for any teenager:

Step 1 – Will be talked to privately by their own counselor

Step 2 – Will be talked to by their counselor and the director of the camp

Step 3 – Expelled from Camp


*For any follow up questions, please feel free to contact me on my cell: (248) 563-7705


For the cause of Christ,
Pastor Ryan Guenther