Pastor Ryan Guenther
Youth Pastor Jason Porter
For the cause of Christ


Dear Friend in the ministry,

As the ROCK-A-THON (our annual teen camp fundraiser) is approaching, here are the details:


  • Friday, February 28nd at 6PM – 9AM, Saturday, February 29th

                        WHAT TO BRING:

  • CAMP REGISTRATION –  $15 WITH completed Registration form          (non refundable or transferable)
  • $5 per teen to cover event expenses:


  • Victory Baptist Church  / 3642 Washington St / Hartland, MI  48353

                        DRESS CODE:

  • Please see the Standards and Guidelines tab on the website

                        CAMP COST WILL BE AS FOLLOWS:

  • $15. –  Early Camp Registration at ROCK-A-THON
  • $25. –  Camp Registration  (until March 31st )
  • $40. –  Late Camp Registration (after March 31st, DUE July 1st)
  • Remaining Camp cost per camper due by July 1st : $195.


If you are planning on coming, please let our Youth Pastor, Bro. Jason Porter know.   Be prepared to bring a rocking chair for each teen participating from your group.  May God bless you and your ministry.  We are excited to see what God is going to accomplish this year.

For the cause of Christ,

Pastor Ryan Guenther                                                                                                                                                                                                       /  cell: (248) 563-7705  /  church:  (810) 632-6337

October, 2019

Dear Youth Pastor/Leader:

As we start the new year and think about what God has for each of our churches and young people, we cannot help but think about teen camp and the great impact it will have on each of their lives.  It is with God’s grace that we once again have the honor and privilege to provide a teen camp at Fort Faith for our teenagers, July 13th – 18th 2020.

The cost for teen camp this year is $195 plus registration cost (please see attached letter for cost and due dates).  Fundraisers may be needed to help each and every teen have the opportunity to attend.   We will be hosting one fundraiser at Victory Baptist that we encourage each of you to partake in, along with your own individual fundraisers held at your church.

This fundraiser is the KJV Teens 4 Christ annual Rock-A-Thon where each teen comes and rocks in a rocking chair for 15 hours with breaks given throughout.  Each teen raises pledges donated by sponsors and all the money goes towards their individual camp cost.  This has been a HUGE success in the past with some raising enough money to cover the full cost of camp.  Enclosed you will find a copy of the sponsor slip that we use at our church.  Feel free to use the same form or come up with one of your own.

We ask that each church attending bring $5 per teen to help cover some of the expenses which include dinner, snacks, drinks, games, prizes, etc.  Also, for any teen attending this event, we encourage them to take advantage of the early registration cost of $15 & bring it with them along with their completed and signed camp registration form (enclosed and also available on the website,  Keep in mind that after the Rock-A-Thon, the price for registration goes up to $25 due by March 31st and a late Registration of $40 due by July 1st.  A rocking chair must be provided for each teen and can be brought with you that night or you can contact Pastor Greg McFadden to drop off earlier that week.  Please RSVP to Pastor Jason at (248) 231-3341 by Feb. 15th.

If you have any questions regarding the upcoming Rock-A-Thon please don’t hesitate to contact Pastor Jason Porter at (248) 231-3341 or Pastor Greg McFadden.  We look forward to having you all at the Rock-A-Thon and pray it will be a time of help, encouragement and anticipation for camp!


Kara Guenther,

KJV Teens 4 Christ Secretary, (248) 563-2628 cell,