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For the cause of Christ

Pastor Ryan

Pastor Ryan Guenther and his wife Kara

Ryan_and_Kara_GuetherIt all began in 2002. It was born out of a desire to reach our youth. We supposed that by taking our teens to other rallies, they would get excited about serving the Lord. Then something came along that we did not anticipate.

The youth rallies we had previously attended were not consistent with the same philosophy, convictions, and standards. They lacked a general involvement from the youth, Bible quizzes, and a youth preacher. The toughest part was finding a rally with a strong emphasis on King James Bible preaching as its main event.

We asked ourselves and others, “Is there not a cause?” The desire to reach our youth for the cause of Christ had to be met. Someone had to “stand in the gap”–so we said it might as well be us. Soon the Lord paved the way for us to begin the KJVTEENS4CHRIST Youth Rallies, along with the installation of teen camp at Fort Faith. After 8 years, this ministry is going strong. AMEN.

I personally believe the following:

  • The King James Bible is the inspired Words of God.
  • To be Biblical is to be Baptist.  It is important to be up front and honest on what we stand for.
  • One should rightly divide the word of truth.
  • We should always set the right standards.  Dress standards are important (Look for my article called HOT POTATO).

I am thankful for my biblical training. As Charles Spurgeon said, “He who will not use the thoughts of other men’s brains, proves that he has no brains of his own”. For my father and my father-in-law, a street preacher, and for the few other preachers and teachers, I am thankful. However, I am not a “cookie-cutter” preacher. My sole allegiance belongs to the Lord and His Book.

Along the way, the Lord has added some Bible-believing men to this ministry. God is good. Although numbers can be exciting, we are more concerned with quality versus quantity. It is more important to have true substance rather than numbers with compromise. A dead possum left on the side of the road gets bigger after a week. “Getting bigger” is not always a good thing. The possum was filled with death.

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For the cause of Christ,
Pastor Ryan Guenther